About Oscar dos Reis.

Instrumental musician, born in Sertão Santana, he started his studies of music and acordeon in 1980 with maestro Antonio Carlos Cunha. Later, in order to perfect himself on the Bayan instrument (Russian version of the accordion), he embarked for Moscow and studied at the Gnéssis Academy with teachers Wiatcheslav Semionov and Friedrich Lips.

Already in Italy, he studied with the Ukrainian professor Wlademir Zubitsky and participated in the seminar “Accordionist Literature Scandinava and North American” with the professors Joseph Macerollo and Mogens Elegard. In Spain, he held the course “Pedagogical Update”, also taught by Professor Friedrich Lips at the International Center for Studies of the Accordion.

Still in search of the evolution of his dream, he participated in festivals and established contact with the most important accordion concertos of Bayan of the present time. As teacher, he performed an important and admirable work of diffusion of the accordion, stimulating young instrumentalists in the South of Brazil and Argentina.

About the Concerts

In addition, the performances alternate between soloist, duo, trios, quartets and quintets. During the shows, Oscar interprets his own compositions and works by composers such as Radamés Gnatalli, Astor Piazzolla, Semionov, Zolotariow, among others.
He has performed in orchestras in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and São Paulo, alongside great maestros such as Carlos Kaminsky, Manfredo Schimitd and Claudia Feres.

He is considered one of the greatest accordionists in Brazil.